Behold Behold The Lamb Of God – On The Cross



Behold! behold the Lamb of God,
On the cross;
For us He sheds His precious blood
On the cross.

O hear His all important cry,
Why perish, blood bought sinner, why?

Draw near and see your Savior die
On the cross.

Behold His arms extended wide
On the cross;
Behold His bleeding hands and side
On the cross.

The sun withholds his rays of light,
The heav’ns are clothed in shades of night,
While Jesus does with devils fight
On the cross.

Come, sinners, see Him lifted up
On the cross;
He drinks for you the bitter cup
On the cross.

The rocks do rend, the mountains quake,
While Jesus doth atonement make,
While Jesus suffers for our sake
On the cross.

And now the mighty deed is done
On the cross;
The battle’s fought, the victory’s won
On the cross.

To Heav’n he turns His dying eyes;
‘Tis finished! now the Conqueror cries;
Then bows His sacred head and dies
On the cross.

Where’er I go I’ll tell the story
Of the cross;
In nothing else my soul shall glory
Save the cross.

Yes, this my constant theme shall be
Through time and eternity,
That Jesus tasted death for me
On the cross.

Behold Behold The Lamb Of God - On The Cross Hymn

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