Attractive Enhancements For Your Squidoo Lens

Social portals and sites such as MySpace and Facebook have rapidly gained in popularity on the internet and show no signs of slowing down. Squidoo is another site that is quickly gaining traction too and internet marketers who are seeking increased web site traffic are paying attention. In fact, Squidoo has more than doubled in size since 2006 and online business owners simply cannot refuse to ignore these rapidly changing internet landscapes. MySpace and Facebook have a tendency to attract a younger audience while sites like Squidoo and HubPages appeal to a more mature crowd. As savvy web site owners focus their attention on more traffic and additional services, these portals are quickly being tapped as a goldmine for prospects and alternative sources of revenue. Squidoo can also feature a wide array of enhancements to make the marketing experience a more attractive option for the online professional.

A Squidoo lens is essentially a web site. Members of this service can create one lens or a multitude of lenses. Internet marketers who periodically buy targeted traffic have turned to this portal to generate more business and establish a series of backlinks for their main site.

Enhancements for a lens can include the use of videos. The internet marketing community has increasingly turned to video production as a means for obtaining guaranteed web site traffic. Videos have enjoyed a popular surge within the online business community for obvious reasons. A visual reference is considered to be the most effective tool for marketers in general and the internet is no exception. Audio files are also considered to be a great tool for marketers who need to communicate with customers on a periodic basis. These files may contain instructions, updates, and important announcements. Too, audio files can be a daily or weekly means of establishing friendly channels with customers and visitors. Graphics are another enhancement feature that can be added for aesthetics or practical usage.

Squidoo offers unique opportunities for online business owners who are seeking increased web site traffic. Enhancements to this service can entice visitors to become loyal customers. Having a lens or series of lenses can be an effective marketing strategy.

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