17 Openings That Make Closing A Snap

These openings make it almost impossible for consumers to stop reading. They appeal to greed, curiosity, fear, and all the other psychological “hot buttons” that turn consumers’ apathy into interest.

Do you want a sales letter that sells? Well then, that means someone has to read far enough to get to the Call To Action.

This means that the opening has to be so compelling that the reader simply must read on. The opening should make it virtually impossible for your targets to ignore your appeal. They should pique their emotions: greed, curiosity, fear, and all the other psychological key topics that can turn lack of interest into action.

1. I’ve got good news for you!

2. Are you paying too much for ?

3. I don’t usually write letters, but I felt it was important to bring this to your attention.

4. Yes, it’s true…

5. If you are thinking of buying a _________ — don’t!

6. I’m mad! And I’m not going to take it anymore!

7. You’ve never read a letter like this before.

8. If you are worried about your financial future, I have some ideas you should think about.

9. I know you’re busy. But that’s exactly why I want to share this secret with you…

10. Will you do me a favor?

11. I couldn’t wait to write to you…

12. Will you accept a free gift in return for a small favor I want you to do for me?

13. It’s taken months of long hours and late nights, but I’ve finally put together the biggest and best secrets and put them in one, totally complete volume.

14. If I could give you a more effective strategy that would earn more money than what you’re doing now, would you be interested?

15. Only once in 50 years an improvement like this comes around:

16. I need your help.

17. Would you like to know how to change $8 into ten times that amount? I can show you how…

Obviously these openings will work for you as is, but the point was to get your creative juices flowing.

Think of your copy in terms of a bucket brigade. Each sentence leads to the next sentence, leads to the next sentence, leads to… you get the point.

Just remember that people make buying decisions based on emotions and then justify later with logic. Make your copy so intriguing that the reader just can’t stop reading. The idea being that in order to close a sale the prospect has to first read the sales letter.

Originally published at EzineArticles and reprinted with permission from Marketing Your Small Business for Big Profits. Success is based on persistency and consistency – not magic – says entrepreneur, coach and author David Mason, who offers his insights for taking your business to the next level.

Purposefully designed as a quick read, this book offers hints, tips and tools that can be implemented right away. There are specific step-by-step directions, how-to instructions, templates, fill-ins and questionnaires throughout the book.

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